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Luxury Picnics by The Picnic Society

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Immerse yourself in an enchanting world of elegance, relaxation and core memories. With our meticulous attention to detail and unrivaled expertise, we transform ordinary picnics into extraordinary experiences.

Whether you're celebrating a romantic proposal, savoring an intimate picnic for two, hosting a bridal brunch picnic or embarking on a floating tropical adventure, we curate breathtaking moments that are perfectly instagram-able.

Dream with me: the riverfront is bathed in golden sunlight, your favorite picnic set up and

the finest culinary delights that Chattanooga has to offer.

As you arrive, you'll be greeted by a scene straight out of a dream. Our skilled team takes care of every aspect, from setup to breakdown,

ensuring that your luxury picnic experience is nothing short of perfection.

We understand that every unforgettable moment deserves to be captured. That's why we provide professional photography services with every picnic. With these treasured keepsakes, you'll forever relive the joy and beauty of your luxury picnic experience.


Picnic for Two

Beginning at $275


Floating Tropical Picnic

Beginning at $685 for up to 8 people


Bridal Brunch Picnic

$625 for up to 8 bach babes


Kids Themed Picnics

Beginning at $685 for up to 8 people


Proposal Picnic

Beginning at $475

IMG_9116 2.HEIC

Private Dome Experience

Beginning at $325

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